Working Group in Chile

Working Group in Chile: A Section of International FAB

In August 2005, a group of women met in Santiago, Chile, and organized a subsection of international FAB (the network on Feminist Approaches to Bioethics) with the goal of improving the condition of women in Chile

This FAB subsidiary will be a nonprofit organization with a principal aim of working on the theme of gender and bioethics in Chile under the guidelines of international FAB.

Our general purpose is to create work projects on the social and economic condition of women in Chile through training, advising, scientific investigation, and publications.

We thinks that bioethics topics related to gender need to involve developments in biotechnology, for example the morning-after pill, contraceptive methods, abortion, homosexuality, adoption of babies, and so forth.

Consequently, FAB Chile wants to support and promote action, such as investigations, publications, and public debates of these problems to lead to social action that influences Chilean political representatives.

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